Landlords Insurance

Landlords Insurance

We are a broker specialising in landlords insurance for properties within the UK. We provide competitive online quotes for all types of different risks and can search a huge panel of insurers in a matter of seconds to find you a competitive quotation for your let property. By using a broker you could save yourself a lot of time since instead of having to contact many different insurers and keep repeating the same information about your let property, you can simply provide us with the details and we will search our panel of insurers for you.

When arranging your landlords insurance you will need to provide details about the location of the property, the building and content sums to be insured and some basic details of the let property such as the year it was built. You will also need to provide details about what type and number of tenant occupies the property such as professionals, students, DSS or retired persons.

There are different levels of cover you can choose for your landlords insurance, for example you can usually choose between standard or accidental damage for the building or contents and then decide on additional items such as legal cover. Ultimately you have such a wide choice that you can find the perfect policy for your requirements at a low price.

The following is just a few things that we can offer both online and via telephone:
  • online quote for landlords insurance
  • low cost residential landlords insurance
  • let property insurance
When arranging landlords buildings insurance it is important to remember that you need to insure against the rebuild value of the property and not the sale price. You can usually find the rebuild value on a building survey which many landlords have completed before purchasing a property to check for any structural problems. You will generally find that your mortgage provider will have performed a survey of the property and may have supplied an estimate of the rebuild value. You should note that if the report is old then the figure may obviously be incorrect now.

We will only ever place your let property on cover with an insurer who is authorised and regulated. The reason for this is that with the regulation comes very strict guidelines on how an insurer must act which essentially means you the client are provided with a fair and appropriate policy. We highly recommend that you read the keyfacts and quote details before considering the purchase of any insurance product simply to make sure it meets your needs and that you understand the cover provided.
Landlords Insurance